O.K...this was stupid I know. Had one of the worst change outs I ever did Saturday morning. Ended up cutting up the old Carrier just to get it out. It was at a Condo surrounded by a walkway.Tropical storm was over head and rain off and on. I got in a hurry and one of the guys cleaning up trashed the paper work and 2 short wires.


With heat strips installed the fan will not work even in the cooling position. Returned jumper plug and it worked. I suspect that the two wires that got trashed were suppose to be used to power up the fan when the kit is installed? Anyway before I go back to this hell hole, how or what do I do to make the fan work right with the kit installed? I was thinking I needed to maybe use one of the unused motor speed wires somewhere. The distributor is of little or no help. Are wiring diagrams on line?