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    I have a GE condenser unit Model # BTB924A100A1 Can you tell me how many tons this is.Thanks in advance

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    Trane Eagle CD's


    My initial "guess" would be a capacity of 2-Tons base on the "24" imbedded in your unit's Model Number BTB924A100A1.

    There are 12,000BTU's in One Ton of cooling capacity. Note that BTU's (British Thermal Units) are a per hour value, and Ton's are a per day value. The Ton value comes from an era when cooling was acomplished with ice, thus One Ton of Ice melting over a delta time increment of 24-hours absorbs (12,000 x 24) 288,000BTU's.

    To be absolutely certain you need to touch base with someone who has a copy of Trane's Eagle CD's which contain the aggregate data for all GE's models.

    Hope this helps...

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    It certainly does........Thank You

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    there arent many of them old ge's left. Better think about replacement pretty soon or your gonna get hit on the worst day possible.

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