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    Would really appreciate your opinions on this: Which would you recommend and why when installing a new A/C unit:

    Is it better to have the air conditioner unit installed up on wall brackets or installing it on a patio stone on the ground?


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    I guess that would be a matter of preference. If you install it on the ground on patio blocks it may become unlevel over the years and the bottom is in contact with the cement. If you mount it on the wall you may hear vibration noise.

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    I wouldnt use Patio Blocks. Your contractor should supply a concrete pad, plastic pad, or maybe even a lightweight foam core pad. Generally speaking hanging it on a wall is not a good idea except when dealing with new contruction and that is becuase there is often settling of the ground around the houses foundation.

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    thanks for your answers...that's actually what they put...a concrete pad...(large square patio concrete square)

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