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    I recently got three quotes on replacing my ac unit. Two of my quotes were pretty much the same in price. The Trane (Xr11 2.5 ton), and the American Standard(Allegiance 11 2.0 ton) were both around $1830. I was also quoted a Lennox 10acc for about $1650. I don't know a lot about these things, so I wanted some advice on which brand is better, and are the prices I was quoted resonable. Can someone please advise?



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    We can't discuss prices here and besides,my prices in east TX. probably wouldn't help you anyway.

    Whichever brand we sell is better than the other dealers brands.

    Go with the contractor you're comfortable with and that you believe will be there tommorow.

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    My best advise is to spend time at this web site and learn as much as possible. One thing that you will learn is that it makes no difference what brand you choose because the install is the most important. The best system installed by idiots will perform poorly and fail before it should.

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