I have a couple of questions on matching the evaporator coil to the condenser and would be grateful if anyone can help.

I have a (now dead) Heil High Efficiency 9000, Model Number CA9036VKA1. Four years ago, I replaced the coil. The technician said he might be able to use the existing coil--if the efficieny of the new unit (Payne) matched the old. Does anyone know what the SEER rating was for these units. I've looked all over H to find out. I will try to call Heil later this morning, but I don't have that much hope.

Also, when you guys talk about matching the evaporator to the condenser, is it just by capacity (e.g. 2 ton) and efficiency, or are there other factors? Now, I'm talking real world here, something the "good" technician would do to match the two--and not the "perfect" technician/engineer that comes out of the design labs.

Thanks in advance.