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Thread: Load shedding

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    I have a Carrier Model 30GB200 650 liquid chiller with a 32GB400274 shedding module installed. It has two stages of shedding controlled by two pots. One is labeled "P1 Percent" the other is labeled "P2 Percent." "P1 Percent" has graduations from 50 to 99 percent and "P2 Percent" has graduations from 0 to 49 percent. The chiller has eight compressors which are staged. I cannot discern from the literature whether the percentages on the shed module represent percentage of total capacity or percentage of the active stages. Does anyone know what these percentages represent? For example if I set the shed module to shed to 50 percent and have four compressors running, if I activate the shed module, will it shed two compressors or will it leave the four compressors running since four out of the total eight are running which is 50 percent of the total capacity?

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    Dear Pwn01,

    One would assume that based upon the two ranges you referred to “50 to 99%” and “0 to 49%” that this would indicate the total overall capacity of the chiller itself, but…….so as not to be caught “assuming” anything incorrectly, a simple call to your local Carrier distributor would be needed to confirm this “assumption”.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    John J. Dalton

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