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    My husband and I are new homeowners of a home built in 1986 which currently has "vent-free" NG logs. When meeting the gas company service rep to turn on gas, he checked the fireplace and then turned on the logs. He advised they were VF and that they would be a good source of heat. He stated that there would be an odor when burning them or when cooking or when burning candles (I guess just about anytime you have them on) because they absorb and burn the oxygen in the air and anything in the air with them (scents, hairsprays, dust, etc.)

    Our home inspection report stated that the chimney was "lined masonry type" and that the flashing, weather cap, damper and flue (which was visible for inspection) were all in "acceptable" condition.

    QUETSION: Does this mean that I can convert to vented gas logs? If so, are there any types on the current market that would provide some supplemental heat or an insert for vented natural gas logs which provide a blower for some additional warmth?

    As I have asthma and chronic upper respiratory infections, not to mention two wonderful two small toddler grandchildren and after reading all the posts, I am extremely concerned about using any type of VF logs.

    Any suggestions to a newbie gas fireplace owner would be appreciated.

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    direct vent insert

    Since you have allergies/ asthma, this is the only way to go.

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