Ok this is my first install. Trane condenser 2.5 ton,18TD
10SH carrir chart said 8SH (85OSA/62WB)Gages read 215H/78L
Liquid line near evap coil very warm 60SA/78RA. Brand new 30 amp breaker. Compressor 13.6amps (label reads 13.2 FLA) check capacitor and meg ohm compressor both show no weakness. Breaker trips once a week.

My quetions is would the wrong piston size in the metering devise cause to much restriction, cause high amps, and the liquid line being very warm at evap.

When I installed the system i used the orfice that came with the coil NO.67, instead of the the orfice that came with the condensor NO.65.

Other than that i have no idea what could be the problem.
Any feed back would be great.

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