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    Going commercial..

    I have a chance of going to school for free through my company who I work for, I'm seriously thinking of taking the 240 hr course in commercial refrigeration, I went through the residential school but this I think would be a huge step for me, I would have to sign a contract with the company I work for but not a problem being their very good to me as I am to them.
    I know it's much different than residential but how difficult would it be for me?
    Would be more money for me but more work..


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    Commercial refrigeration as in supermarket rack systems, ice machines, walk-in coolers, etc. or commercial HVAC (chillers, controls, etc)?

    I'd say if the company is paying for it and it will only increase your knowledge and earning potential, where's the minus?

    Oh yeah, you'll work more.

    Kind of goes with pulling down more, yes?

    And look at the contract, your employer may have wording in there that states you gotta put the time in or else you'll owe the company the cost of the schooling if you jump ship when something more tasty comes along.
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