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    York YS Slide valve control

    We have a 250 Ton York YS that just started driving the slide valve full open and not unloading when the water reaches setpoint. The control side appears to be working correctly but the valve is not.
    I have watched it operate in the service mode where you can see the pulse for load and unload signals. With gages attached to both sides of the actuator you can see the pressure go up on the unload side but the valve does not move. If you go to manual and give it a constant unload signal it will drive the valve closed. Same pressure rise.
    The Technician has already changed out the solenoid valve part that is attached to the top of the 4 Way directional valve sub plate.
    Has anyone had this problem?

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    York YS Slide valve control


    You wouldn't happen to know if there are service bullitins for York equipment?
    What about shop drawings showing the slide valve assembly?

    Thank you


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    Slide Valve

    The slide valve is operated via oil pressure. The slide valve is stuck. There should be a 1/4" access port on the end of the slide valve piston. Remove and force slide valve to move. This is the process for a Trane screw. Im not entirely sure for a york, but its very similiar. There should be a service bulletin. Hope it helps

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    Before you start in the wrong direction, your SV is not stuck. If it were, it wouldn't load and unload when in service mode with a constant signal. From your explanation, it sounds like the slide valve piston seals may be bypassing oil from one side of the cylinder to the other. The key is that the SV loads/unloads and the controls work, but the pulse width of the load/unload signals won't keep up with what the valve wants to do on it's own during normal operation.

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    Thumbs up York SV PROBLEM

    One of our techs,diagnosed this problem yesterday. Turns out
    That the intern seals are damaged. Works fine in manual mode,
    But wouldn't unload in remote mode. Will have to pull
    Compressor and replace. Not sure personally, if it could be field
    Repair. He has 22 years in business with York, I trust his

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    I'm sorry folks. I should not have left you hanging. It was a simple fix that will probably be required every 30,000 hours.

    The two things that were found bad was the slide valve pot control shaft. The helical groove was worn.

    The slide valve actuator piston rings were worn approximately .025" thinner than the new ones.

    They also replaced the hydraulic control solenoid valve for the actuator but that didn't solve the problem. This was the first thing they tried.

    The actuator cylinder did not appear to be worn at all. Nor did the piston shaft and slide valve return spring.

    The slide valve has been controlling correctly since it was put back into service in May, 2011.

    This is a field repair.

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    Hi can you send this service manual over here

    thank you

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