Hello everyone,

I am having an issue with cooling in my house. The unit constantly runs and can't cool the house any lower then 71 deg when it is around 85F outside amb. If it cools outside (say around 75f) the unit will bring the inside amb to around 68. Thats it. I am somewhat experienced with Hvac system, but mostly with automotive HVAC systems. I have done some research and monitored my system and this is what i have so far. Just not sure what the issue is. BTW i just purchased the house, so not sure how old the system is. It is a Fedders model # CKC030E7B 1.5 hp rev LB RLA=16.7 and LRA=63.8. R22 system. My readings are as follows after running approx 20min....

Suction 74psi---44f(R22) line temp 69f
Discharge 210psi--105f(R22) line temp 107f

Amb temp

superheat= 15f
supercooling= -2f

My beliefs are the superheat is borderline low and the supercooling is very low. Thinking that the system is undercharged. Also sorry but i couldn't get the compressor load amps. My inductive clamp bit the dust. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance