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    Sep 2003
    I have a York water cooled unit Model#C2E0060A25A.
    Serial #NESM161843.We are considering replacing it with an air cooled unit.I have always believed this to be a 5 ton unit,but never researched it because it is whatever it is.
    Can someone please verify for me that it is indeed a 5 ton unit.It provides enough cooling.Just want to be sure.Thanks.

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    5 ton amd going air cooled means paying more electricity bills.

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    Sep 2003
    Thanks for the reply.The reason we are thinking of going air cooled is to lower the sewage bills.They are incredibly high.

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    Feb 2005
    Get a seperate meter for the unit. You can get it for about 300.00. Any water that goes thru this meter is not subject to a sewer fee.

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