a rich man and a poor man are sitting at the bar having a drink and the discussion turns to what they got their wifes for christmas. the rich man tells the poor one, I gave my wife a mercedes benz and a diamond necklace. the poor man thinks about it for a second and ask's the rich man, why did you get her two expensive gifts like that. the rich man replies," well, if she does not like one, she can return it". the poor man says, well that make sense!!
So the the rich man asks the poor man, what did you get your wife for christmas? hte poor man replies,"I got her a pair of slippers and a dildo". the rich man gave a wierd look to the poor and ask's, "why such the odd combination of gifts?" the poor man tells the rich man " because if she does'nt like the slippers, she can go f@#k herself"!!!