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    Hi There!
    Well I finally decided on a system that I really wanted installed and an installer that I liked. Then I called Amana and they said you have to have an authorized dealer install it in order for the warranty to be valid.
    This does not seem right to me. Is it true? How can this guy get me the machine and put it in and then I have no warranty? That was one of the main reasons I was going with Amana was because of their excellent warranty. How is he getting the machine then? Anyway do you guys know if you need to be an authorized dealer in order for the warranty to be valid? And if so, why doesn't the installer say if I put it in you will have no warranty.
    Also there are people in the phone book who are advertizing that they are authorized dealers ....but they aren't listed in the Amana directory.
    Can anybody clarify for me what is up with all this?
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    I realize that the thread went off topic. But nevertheless, when HVAC tradesmen take time out of their busy schedules to give their professional opinions the polite thing to do is acknowledge it.

    I guess that would make giving you advice the proverbial "thankless job". Don’t worry. I’m sure someone will give you the advice you desire. You can not thank them too.

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    Amana warranty rules have been changing quite a bit recently. As far as I know, contractors no longer have to be registered dealers to perform warranty work on Amana equipment. Amana equipment in my region has the same warranty regulations as Goodmna does.

    If this is not the case in your area, your dealer can certainly sign on as an Amana dealer. There are no obligations other then showing you are a reputable company.
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    Our local Amana people have never denied warranty for us doing work on a unit one of their dealers installed.

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    Talking Thank You!

    Hi There,
    Thanks so much for your replies. I was very confused as I just couldn't figure out how Amana would let suppliers buy their equipment if they were not authorized only to cancel the warranty. I really appreciate the info.

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