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    Canadian national health care

    So much for that "wonderful" Canadian national health care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlen View Post

    So much for that "wonderful" Canadian national health care.
    A sad story.
    Here is a more comprehensive view that you won't get from Fox propaganda, I means, News.

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    The child will die with or without the surgery they were requesting. I know it's cold to say, but maybe it's time to let go, say goodbye. If I'm ever that sick or mentally incapacitated, I'll say my goodbyes and cut the cord myself, if capable. Delaying the end only extends the pain for everyone in the situation.

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    So rather than let the poor kid finally move on the parents want to transport him to another hospital, medivac him in an incubator (Just did a PM on the building controls in our neonatal ward and we have a room that the medvac teams use as an office and to store their portable incubators. Listening to the people there it sounds like a damn expensive proposition moving a kid that can not breath on their own since it is done on a plane dedicated to medical emergencies, not like jumping on a commercial flight. But hey, it is going to save a kid's life it is worth it.) and fly the kid take a 560 miles.

    Then they want to cut a hole in the kid's throat (must be pleasant) so that they can then transport him all the way back home so that he can die (and that is what the parents ultimately want, they want him to die at home and not in a hospital).

    Now Boot, here is a question for you. Does this seem right? If it was your medical premiums paying for the shot would you feel good about the rates always going up, doing expensive procedures with no positive outcome? Also since you have no respect for Canadian doctors deciding what is the proper thing to be done for their patient, why is it that the parents could not find an American hospital closer to home to do the operation but had to go over 500 miles away? What does that say about the American medical system? Don't you have very many hospitals to care for Americans within 500 mile of the Canadian border?

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