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    What's the difference between the Honeywell F100 media filter system and the F200 system?

    I was told that they are pretty much the same... the only difference is that the F200 includes an indicator that tells you when the filter needs replaced.

    My situation is that I ordered the F200 but they goofed and brought me the F100 instead (as part of my new heat pump installation). They don't have F200's in stock so it has to be ordered and since they wanted the installation done that day, they convinced me that it's the same container and filter inside... all they need to do is come back later with the part that it's missing when it becomes available.

    Am I being totally sheisted? I paid an extra 299 plus tax for this upgrade to an F200. But it seems like I'm probably getting the minimum filter system that they would have given me anyway for no extra money.

    I'm not sure what I should do about this. They've already installed the F100. (They haven't completed the heat pump installation yet either... will finish on monday and will be expecting me to pay the rest of the amount I owe).


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    have it inspected and be sure it is permitted
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    The medias for the 200 are a higher MERV rating meaning they can pick up slightly smaller particles. The filter monitor too.

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