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    Heat n Glo vs Mendota direct vent gas fireplace

    We are trying to decide between the Heat n Glo 6000CLX and the Mendota DXV35. Does anyone have pros/cons of either one?

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    Have you seen a 6000CLX after its been running for an hour? The flame is amazing, best flame I have ever seen on a direct vent gas fireplace.

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    We have seen it and like it. However, everyone keeps raving about Mendota. Therefore, just interested to see the pros of it. I don't like that the pilot light is always on though on the Mendota.

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    both are good fireplaces with a nice flame and look. Just compare features and benefits side by side. Then, look at who will service and support your fireplace. FWIW, ALL the fireplace mfrs have been hard hit by this depression and maintain skeleton crews for their technical services depts. In addition, most of the old veterans who knew about these fireplaces have been run off you you're left with a lot of snot nosed punks who don't know which end of a fireplace to light.

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