ok, i got ripped for "price shopping" earlier this week so i contacted my realtor and he gave me a number to a local company (family owned and operated for over 20 years)... any chance you folks can tell me what this stuff means???

and on a 90 degree day what should i expect of my AC unit? should it be able to cool to 65? 70? it's a lennox built in 98, and it's bigger than the neighbors

anyway, dude came out and checked everything today... my readings are:

condenser = clean
contactor= good/fair
motor amp draw rated 1.1 actual .8
compressor amp draw rated 10.1 actual 6.96
refrig level ok
capacitors ok
electrical connections ok
disconnect ok
condition of fuses ok
coil resistance on contactor 13.2 ohms
valves with pump down test ok
temp out at reg 57 degrees (83 outside)
no refrigerant added

ref. press S.L. 72 (what does this mean???) l.l. 195psi (huh???), ambiant temp 78 degrees, amp draws and contactor ok, checked temp at registers = 57 degrees, system works good at this time.