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    Yes another newbee!

    I'm purchasing a home and my inspection cited the heater/AC being as old as the house,(built in 1961) and is at the end of it's designed life expectancy. He recommends replacement. I also have a Homeowners Warrranty which covers the Heating/AC. So my question is:
    1.) What constitutes failure and replacement?
    It functions, but very inefficently. It has energy loss at the seams of the evaporator coil. The return-air compartment is filthy. Some of the rooms have low air flow. It also has asbestos insulation on the supply lines(Abatement issue?). Maintenance for this unit has been completely deferred. The gas feed line is old brittle aluminium and needs replaced. I know I'll be replacing it soon... But if I service the unit:
    2.) Are all these things correctable and/or will it improve efficency and extend life. Of course I would like my insurance to replace it, but I want to understand my options on service ability or (in your opinion) is it beyond clean up and repair?


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    I think that was the same year we sent the man to the moon..

    I would not entertain any thoughts on repairing something so
    old,inefficent,and made I add can cause health related issues.

    Lots of new technology in the hvac market place today..that
    surpasses anything they had in 1961.

    And dont forget to pay some attention to your envelope as well.

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