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    I just had a PureAir system installed in my home. The contractor installed a new thermostat so that the fan can run continuously. I can't imagine the fan running 24/7. This sounds expensive and also sounds like it will put lots of wear on the furnace? Any advice on how long and when to cycle the air with this system?

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    Welcome to the website, I hope you can soon resolve any unexplained issues by making a phone call to your installing dealer...

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    lennox reccomends pure air be powered all the time. does not cost that much to run blower after spending that much money on pure air. if you don't like idea of fan running continuosly lennox has a timer that can cycle fan to adjustments you set for.

    if it was my house i would just let it run.

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    If i decide to let it run all the time, doesn't this put a lot of wear and tear on the blower/furnace? It is a Lennox Surefire furnace, approx 3 years old. Also, how much do you think it will add pre month to my utility bill?

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