I have a 6 ton climatemaster water to water system on my geothermal heating unit. I have a 3500 sq foot home. The piping for the floors is spaced about every 12 inches with 6-8 inch spacing along the outside walls. Two inchs of gypcrete. What is the recommended temperature of the water going from the storage tank to the house, and what is the recommended temperature difference for the thermostat to turn the compressor on. My electricity bills are way higher than I feel they should be. The storage tank was added last year, with the set points at 116 and 102. Meaning if the tank got below 102 the compressor would turn on, and then turn off at 116. The compressor still ran a long time to get to that temperature, thus using way to many amps. They changed it to 109 and 116 last month and that helped, but I am thinking that the water doesn't need to be that high. Shouldn't 95 and 90 be more efficient? 95 seems plenty warm to heat up the gypcrete floors.
Thanks , Rod