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    Adding gas to a frozen system is a great way to kill the compressor.

    Next time just tell the customer to leave the fan run, and you be back.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I only did three calls. Somehow, I feel woefully inadequate.

    Ditto what everyone else says: Avoid adding gas to the hi-side of the system even if it's frozen!

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    Originally posted by tinknocker service tech
    did 15 calls today and got in at 9.30
    it is part of the trade and happens every year
    I'm having a hard time believing this. What time in the morning did you start? How much travel time did you have between calls?

    I did 7 calls on Friday and it pretty much kicked my started at 8:00, got home at 9:00 pm.

    Oh well, at least my HVAC Widow and Orphans are laughing all the way to the Bank. :-)

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    Ive ran into a few frozen evap coils lately-I turn the furnace on and it melts pretty fast-however you have to watch for the water running down the furnace-also depending on what I run into I usually run 6-10 calls a day--15 calls sounds awfully high.

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    hvac student_4063
    started at 630 am stopped at 930 pm
    all with in a 15 mile radious. mostly small problems and not time comsuming. and my main point was it is that time of the year and working long and hard hours goes with the turf. it was a good day and fell together good for me nornarly i do 8 to 10 calls in a day
    and sometimes only 1 or two if they are real problem call
    two of them were iced up also and went back the next day
    one was a plugged coil took 4 hours to pull and clean and install. the other was low refrigerant.if i had added freon to one the compressor would be gone now and the other probably would be ice again. adding to a frozen system is a very bad thing to do
    you also will have a few of this days when every thing falls in place and you just blow out calls. most are bull **** calls but they are still calls

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    15 calls in one day? I knew a football team that put 50 points on the board and still got beat.

    What about the defense? What about visting with the customer so you will have better customer retention?

    Its not always about the offense.
    "And remember my sentimental friend......that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others" - Wizard of Oz.

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    gentalmen it was a 15 hour day and and fifteen calls that caomes to about an hour a call. no lunch or dinner and a couple stopps for drinks and snacks while driving.
    this comes to 7 calls for about 8 hours. with in a 15 mile radious so travle was not much of a factor. so no did not sit and have drinks with the coustomers explained the problems talk to them a few minutes and moved on.
    it was a fluke day and very simple calls blown fuses from a storm and and a few exploded caps from the same storm
    some loose connections. took on extra to help out one of the guys that was stressed out while stuck on a problem call while another guy help out with the call. two of us took thier load. you are right coustomer relation is an inportant factor put in this case not cancaling them was more important. we showed and they had air that day. the coustomers were happy the work got done the two techs were able to do what they had to do with out the stress of the calls they had left. and i got lucky and had easy calls

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    Ok Duke, just because you have the name TheDuke he was my hero so I can't get in on this roast. Everyone makes mistakes, Only those who realize their mistakes and are willing to reform will succeed.In my opinion, once a mistake is discovered, it is how the company handles that mistake is more telling, than the mistake itself.

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    "Never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your heart". - Unknown

    "To face tragedy is the greatest challenge; to overcome tragedy is the greatest success" -Ranal Currie-

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    Best to de-ice those coils using just the fan.
    I had a heatpump once frozen bottom half of the coil.
    Put it in heat mode to de-ice and a minute or two later
    the evap coil sprung a big leak. Lucky for me the owner
    was standing next to me or he wouldn't have believed it.

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    duke duke duke

    How do you know how much freon to charge unit if you are charging on the liquid side with the unit off. Most cases when charging a system that has freon in it all ready you must charge by preasure. Mostly on the suction side with gas not liquid.


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    update its working great had to go back and add another 12 ounces of refrigerant.
    homeowner was very happy i also picked up two of her neighbors they wanted my preventive maintenance program too.

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    Duke im glad it all worked out but you sorta lucked out and guessed right that it was a bit low on freon. Many times its simply an air flow prob, dirty evap, or even a compressor with weak valves going out. Then again I know how it is when youve had a long day and the mind starts getting a bit fuzzy...ive done my share of bone headed things in that instance as one should be cracking on you

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    Duke, keep up the good work...


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