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    My HVAC contractor told me these are not cost efficient generally, but for an addition, it may be better than another "standard" system. I have a properly sized dual fuel system now. My question is in what situation would the mini-split be advisable (addition size etc.)and how do I decide?

    What cos. make good mini-splits?

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    Mini-splits are good solutions for:

    - Small area solutions, better than window or thru-the-wall
    - when ducting in an area is impossible
    - a small separate zone is desired

    In general I like to think of them as window units w/o the window. On the plus side they take up very little wall space (relatively speaking) and are very quiet. They do a great job on big rooms and additions. On the down side, they are like a window unit in that they have a single point air source, so they are not overly effective at cooling (or heating) more than one room, and are more expensive and more complex to install than a window unit. I generally know that a mini-split is the right solution when I see it.

    As for brands, I have had good luck with Samsung on the couple we put in.


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