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    Hi there,

    Simple but darn complicated:
    The Central AC box does not start, first try in the current year. I checked the fuses but everything looks OK there.

    AC unit is old, 15+ years.

    Any ideas what to check next?


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    I wish I had a dollar for every system where the landscaper had cut the thermostat wiring by the condenser outside. You never find it until first start up.

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    Derby City

    Yes, check with neighbors, friends, or family for recommendation of professional hvac contractor to troubleshoot and repair (if necessary) your system. This is not a 'DIY' project you should be involved in.

    p.s. central ac box is called condensing unit.
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    yep, One slip-up with the ole wacker and oooooo, that could hurt!

    H/O: it would be helpfull if you provided much more detail about your unit , like type model number , there are many things that could keep it from starting, like the compressor being locked or other starting devices not working
    have you thought of calling someone out to look at it before the heat really comes on strong? what part of the world are you in?

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    Sorry for not mentioning, brand is Day & Night,
    model 42DNRX-108K-C,
    fuse at 50 amps, 230V

    And yes, I'm in SE Michigan and it's really getting hot out there

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    Try these:

    Check the breaker.
    Check make sure that the door is on your air handler/furnace.
    Check make sure that your thermostat is set on "cool" and at a low temperature.

    If none of them fix it, then call a pro.

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