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    Obviously the first step is to make sure the existing ducts are not damaged. If not then the first choice is to put in bigger ducts. If that's not possible then the next best choice is a bigger blower. As you can see in my conversation with zz, upgrading an existing furnace's blower is not likely to happen. So a new furnace with a larger tonnage blower would have to be installed. If that's not an option then you can try the booster fan. But I'm skeptical of your chances for success. There’s probably other options I’m not thinking of.

    The best thing to do is find a competent and honest contractor and let him evaluate it. Yes, finding one is tough. Good luck.

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    For a good booster fan ,use an "inline" type from

    email them for sizing help.

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    ok , SO after reading and talking to all of you and a couple of locals , I was a little disappointed. WEll I got to thinking about what one of you said about roof vents making the upper floor cooler. SO I went into the attic and looked. WEll there are roof vents 4 of them but no soffit vents, I do have 2 windows (e east and west) SO I opened one up( east) and last night it was easily 10-15 degrees cooler in the house! I know I need to find a proper vent so as to not let rain in, but what do you all think? is this ok? MArk

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