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    Thanks for the feedback. Never seen that unit before but it still would seem it would be in a selfdestruct mode. If you get one let us know how it works. I could not find the price anywhere so let us know too. Best of luck.
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    I have a quote for a cheap-o mini split (Soleus, which seems to be an OEM of Hitachi) installed for $1200 canadian (about $1000 US), which is not bad at all. A lot of mini-splits are expensive but there are a couple that are more reasonably priced.

    But if it cant do what I want it to do then even $1 is too much

    Right now, unfinished, the room is 20 degrees celcius when its 32 degrees outside. The RH in the room is 78%. Clearly the humidity is much more of an issue than the temperature.

    Thanks guys!

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    In fact, I just had a closer look at the Sharp manual. The dehumidify mode *is* basically 'remove the exhaust hose'.

    The manual also mentions not to run the unit in dehumidify mode for more than 8 hours/day, which leads me to suspect you are right about the 'self-destruct'.

    Why is it that a dehumidifier can run all day and night, but running a unit like this in this mode continuously would cause damage to it?

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    The portable AC will never cycle off if the hot exhaust is put back in the room. A dehumifier is more like a frig. compressor and the humistat will be satisfied regardless how warm the room gets. With the condensation tank, most expect to turn off after the bucket fills up. You realize that these will raise the temp, so you're not adressing the cooling needs. Your high humidity level is also coming from the unfinished portion of the basement. I bet a small window shaker in the unfinished portion will drop the overall humidity level without over cooling the theater space. Just get a cheap $100 unit, more undersize the better. Your audio/video components must be putting out some heat also, that needs to be addressed. For heating, your current hydronic system would be the best solution. A small zone of baseboard or a pannel rad is probably all you need.

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