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    Knee problem..Options?

    OK, so I guess I finally did it but good.

    I have had knee pain and joint pain in general for the last 15 years.

    Well Saturday while doing some pressure washing, I twisted around to pull the pressure hose a few feet and when I turned, my foot didn't and POP!.

    Normally when this happens, it hurts for a while and then goes away, a little ice and a little Ibuprofen and good as new...Not this time...I went to the grocery store tonight to pick up some lunch building supplies and by the time I got back to the truck, I thought I was going to cry.....

    About 10 years ago, an orthopedic surgeon wanted to do an arthroscopic deal to find out WTF I broke, but I decided to do the PT methods instead...

    Looking back on it, I made the right decision, just because of the advances that have been made in the last decade....

    Sooo, anyone gone through this lately?, hopefully I did not tear it up passed the capabilities of these methods...

    Input appreciated...

    GT...........AKA gimpy
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    Have you had an MRI?
    Do you take glucosamine/chondroitin?
    Do you wear knee braces with metal hinges?
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    That sucks, I wish i was alittle smarter And less invincible 10 yrs. ago, my knee's always hurt but it's tolerable, I hope you get better man and it's not too serious, dang it's not even summer yet man, like you said they have made huge strides on this issue, keep us posted and good luck bro

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    Google prolotherapy. It is nonsurgical treatment for joint pain. It works!
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    I feel your pain, I had the same thing happen to me. My leg slipped into the 2nd to last rung on my ext.ladder, left knee twisted, and went off light a SHOTGUN !!!!!!!!!! Hurt like hell, jumped up walk on it about 20min then drop to my knees. I had a meniscus tear/ bad sprain that was 4yrs ago, out of work for 4-5mouths with all the fixing ,doctor every week, PT 2 time a week. Then last year jumped off tractor after bush hogging BOOM again !!!!!!!!!!!!! out for 4 more months. Its a B*tch, good luck alot rest,and corn liquor the first few day for me , because I don't take pills.

    Meniscus Tear
    Individuals who experience a meniscus tear usually experience pain and swelling as their primary symptoms. Another common complaint is joint locking, or the inability to completely straighten the joint. This is due to a piece of the torn cartilage physically impinging the joint mechanism of the knee.
    The most common symptoms of a meniscus tear are:

    Knee pain
    Swelling of the knee
    Tenderness when pressing on the meniscus
    Popping or clicking within the knee
    Limited motion of the knee joint

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    My wife use to play college volley ball and one day while playing she turned and put pressure apparently wrongly on her knee and there was a pop, her knee was so swollen it looked like a thousand bees stung her knee. It turned out she tore her ACL.
    She had ortho surgery they rebuilt all kinds of stuff and now she's ok. Really her other knee is worse off then the one they fixed. Shes like the bionic women now. In one knee lol.

    GT, really I don't think u should worry. Look at all of these sports players who tear every tend in their body and these days they are back in the game in months before someone was lucky if they had a career after.
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    I would guess a strained ligament or a partial tear. Or maybe no cartilage left and now it is REALLY inflamed.

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    Well I am new here and just had to reply to this as I sit here surfing the web with my knee propped up. In late december I was at work and blew my ACL out. I wasnt smart enough to go to the doc imeadiately and tried to walk it off, So then I tore up my interior and medial miniscus. I was out of work for a month and had surgery reattaching the ACL but the miniscus was jacked up to bad to fix it.

    I definately feel your pain they had me back to work in about a month sitting at a desk juiced on pain easers cause nothing made me feel better. One recomendation I can make get a good ortho, get an MRI or whatever he recomends and get it fixed. My simple decision to walk off my ACL resulted in dammage that can never be compleetly repaired.

    Good Luck hope it works out for you.

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    Tore my Meniscus 7-8 years ago, had orthoscopic surgery (two 1cm incisions, YMMV). The injury was very painful, the surgery was a breeze, the worst part is I had a mild infection that they drained with a GIANT needle. Oh and I had to wait a week or so to schedule the surgery.

    Go see an orthopedic surgeon or sports med. doc asap.

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    Yes see the proper Doctor ASAP not a thing to decide by general concencus of a posting forum.

    I have a past knee injury that now has a blood clot as a result of not getting correct action taken at the time.

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