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    Does anyone know if a bypass humidifier has any effect on static pressure? I would think that it would help since it would increase the return air as well as decrease the supply static. Does anyone know how much cfm goes thru a aprilaire bypass humidifier?
    Any reason to prefer one type of humidifier [power vs bupass] over the other?

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    Check out EWC autoflo.

    Its a steam humidifier.

    Expensive, (double or more of an Aprilaire 600)but well worth the money.
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    Could not find the specs. You can get an idea by looking on the ductulator under 6" pipe for a pressure of the system minus .1" - that should get you in the ball park.

    Bypass humidifiers are simpler in operation, less maintenance, less parts to wear out, and less expensive. In our dry area they work great and I would choose an Aprilaire 600 over most others for my own home. Steam humidifiers have their place but out here the price/operation cost/maintenance of the Aprilaire 600 makes it an all-around better deal.

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