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    I have recently purcased and moved into a beautiful 125 year old victorian home in Massachusetts. Forced air furnace is in basement main living is on first floor bedrooms are on second and guest room is in a finished attic. We would like to replace the very old furnace and add central A/C, however there is limited ducting to the second floor. there is however access to the eves on the third floor which could be fitted with some new ducting. Total sqare footage is about 3800sf what are the ebest solutions and approx cost??

    One contractor said no problem with a five ton unit, another said that I need two systems and a small fortune in ducting.

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    The second is probably correct. Load calc first then find out what the existing duct work can handle. It is highly unlikely the existing duct work can handle 5-tons.
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    2 systems, and it cost what it cost.

    But get the manual J done.
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    Originally posted by beenthere
    2 systems, and it cost what it cost.

    But get the manual J done.
    thats my vote.
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    I do not think you will be happy with the performance of a single unit. Get several bids two systems. Don't go with the cheapest.

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