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    My husband decided that we should have one big bedroom, so we knocked down the wall between the two. In doing so, we also lost the return vents. It is very cold in the winter and now it is very hot in the summer. Is there anything we can do? We bought a space heater for the winter, and we have a ceiling fan, but nothing really cools the room. There is a noticable difference in the temperature upstairs and down.

    Please help! Thanx.

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    Does the room heat and cool properly ,if the door is left open??If so you need to reconnect the returns.

    If not you are lacking supply air.closing of two return ,could have increased the static(the ducts resistance to air flow),to cause less air flow to the rooms farthest for the indoor unit fan.

    It could also be a dirty filter ,or the coil and bloer may be clogged from th construction duct of remodeling.

    Call a pro to have the coil/blower checked as well as the static pressure.Ask in advance for this,as many are not willing or able to do it.

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