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    I knock out the 150 main breaker. I am unable to reset it.
    It is a BW2150. I jump it with a 30amp breaker. Because I had to goto work. This is a new house. I hoping I dont have to buy a new one. Someone suggested that it had not cooled down yet and other say to take load off to reset.

    Any specailist out there?


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    Your profile says you are an electrical contractor.....
    and you are asking a question like this?

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    I'm terrified. What the hell are you doing that would throw a 150??? Nevermind I don't think I want to know.

    Yes we have air conditioning in our igloos.

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    trade you are

    I care what kind of trade you are in you dont know it all thats why they have this forum. You know as well as I know technology is changing all the time. I was in a rush for work yesterday so, I jump it with a 30amp breaker got everything up and running. I will try to reset today, If not I will replace main breaker. I thank you for you pros advice..


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    Oh my God ... What do you plan on replacing, your house?

    You jumped a 30amp to a 150amp. I hope your rush to work was worth it, did you stop off at allstate on your way.
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    alls well ends well

    no, I jump 150 amp breaker.. to 30amp. I went back over this morning and the 150 breaker came back up... Alls well ends well. I was in a hurry to get to work so, thats why I jumped it. On to the next job.. That cutler hammer breaker will not reset instanly if you know it out.. It needed time to cool down. 10 min was not enough..

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    ok I want to know! what did you do to blow a 150 amp breaker? and nothing was damaged? and you jumped a 150 with a 30 and the 30 didnt blow or burn anything else?

    thats crazy

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    thats why I LIKE fuses. A replacement = a total new part!

    probably, the 150a breaker contacts had not been fully closed --

    the molded case breaker design has not changed in the past 50+ years -- just that not many were used in houses before 1950. I did not see breaker panels for houses until mid 1950s.

    Be aware that the old 1950s catalogues stated that when a breaker had interrupted a severe fault, it should be checked by a qualified technician!

    be sure to activate your breakers at least once each year -- ALL of them -- so that the mechanical parts do not corrode together!

    BTW, turn you head when closing/ activating any breaker -- can be bothersome to one's eyes when a breaker explodes -- Yes, I had that happen twice to me = 20amp breakers.

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    I don't attempt to reset anything over 100A without first opening the panel and making sure I don't have a dead short somewhere. Had a 30A breaker flash a few years ago when being reset. Scary.

    Had a 2000A 480V breaker trip the other day.

    3 of us spent half an hour making sure there wasn't a dead short and then we reset the breaker with a long rope and pulley so nobody was standing anywhere close to the thing in-case it blew up.
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    Everything came up on the 30amp breaker

    I was working unsafe wiring the ac cable in the box while it was hot.. Let the ground wire go.. It touch the bus and out goes the 150 main. I let it stay out wired up the circut. Then it would not reset.. and It was time for me to goto work....So, I pulled the head outside.. tagged off the main with a 30amp put head back in I advised the costumre not to run anything heavy until I get back.... I left and went to work. Came back next morning.. Turn every breaker off, pull the jumper.. and I reset the 150 main and it was time for me to collect..


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    So, I pulled the head outside.. tagged off the main with a 30amp put head back in

    That "head" wouldnt happen to be surrounded by a glass cover would it?

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    Hmm stupid

    Stupid question? Get to your point?


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