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    Idaho follows Wisconsin lead

    Looks like other states in financial trouble are growing a pair to stand up to the socialist unions and the leftist politico's that support them.
    Idaho is one of several U.S. states to take up Republican plans for sweeping restrictions on public sector unions in what has become a growing national debate over labor union power.,7545760.story, and ye shall find;..
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    About time!

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    This bill has been causing local rumblings before Wisc. hit the national scene. Seems like the only ones complaining are the teachers. A few weeks ago 100 people or so protested at the capital. Whoohoo. Then kids started staging walkouts and protests. The disgusting part was that the local news interviewed a few kids, others called into radio stations, none of them could answer an intelligent questions about why they were protesting or how the bill was going to affect them. Funny and sad at the same time.

    What your link does not talk about is that the bill also eliminates teachers by means of attrition so classrooms will eventually get larger and wanting to give the students a laptop so they take one class online. It also does not mention that the newly elected superintendent (who proposed the bill) car was vandalized, his mother's home was payed a visit, and he was verbally (and nearly physically) attacked while being interviewed during a morning news show.
    Politicians need to be changed like diapers, and for the same reason.
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    none of them could answer an intelligent questions about why they were protesting

    Socialists are tying to organize kids to protect their jobs.
    none of those kids are going to get jobs that pay anywhere near what their teachers earn.

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