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    I'm looking for info;links to sites;etc... on high efficiency purges, molecular sieves, brands and comparison. Anything you've seen, which do you like? Stuff like that, always like the responses, thanks.

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    I always thought Trane's purges were/are the best. Should be able to find info at

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    I had really good results with those Caroline three stage units. I don't know if they're still in business.

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    My choice would be the Trane purge hands down. It has the ability to purge the chiller while it is off, only drawback is that it has to be mounted on top of the condenser. Redipurge while very similar to the Trane purge cannot operate properly when the chiller is off. They generate too many drain fault alarms. I never did like the Carolinas purge, it exhausts too much refrigerant while the tank is filling and the Carrier purge has too many parts that fail. JMHO

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