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    Got a neighbor that wants a quick diagnosis... She's tan and hot. Help me.

    When she got back from a business trip she said her AC kicks out air, but no cooling. At first I thought she was just running the fan or other operator error and took a quick look. Can anyone think of a quick list of possible problems she might have?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If a split system ,outdoor unit tripped breaker,or disconnect is off,low voltage wires cut by a mower.

    Is it split did she check to see if the ODU is running?

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    maybe a picture of her would help us.

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    Ok, so I called her back last night, and asked whether the outside unit was running(split system), whether she had done anything near or around the system lately, and if the system had been running when she had left.
    Outside unit runs when she switches on the cooling. She hasn't done anything to the system since she got back. Then she mentions that the system wasn't as cool as it used to be last summer. So I said that it might be best to give someone a call. Any takers in Virginia? I'll post up your pic with her if you can do it...

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    check the filters. airflow is everything.

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