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    Central Air isn't working, first time i turned it on this year. It worked great last year, except that the farthest bedroom on the run didn't cool off in the summer, and stayed cool in the winter. Yesterday, i turned it on, the condensing unit appears to be working fine (fan blowing). The air handling unit is getting cold. NO air is coming out of the vents. The blower in the furnace is turning and i can feel suction on the filter side (I pulled the filter out to troubleshoot). Could there be something stuck? It worked when i last used the heat, about a month and a half ago.

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    Turn it off,the coil is likely frozen solid and can damage the compressor.

    It's likely dirty ,low on refrigerant or both.How was the filter?

    The farthest rooms ,sound like the temps were not right due to low air flow,now it's no air flow.

    Call your contractor,as sson as you turn it off.

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