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    hello got a few questions if someone help?

    i work commerical service with some installs here and there. i worked residential for about 3 months so not to familar with the products out there.

    this is for my parents, but i have a 30 year old GE heat pump that i need to replace.

    Model Number
    First letter is either a P or R CWF63OG1F03

    serial number

    Electric heat number

    Condenser Model BGWA830R1A SERIAL 250625303

    IM I right to say the the 30 in the model number is the tonnage?

    I would like to get a american standard or trane to replace, my company is a carrier rep

    the old ge unit pulls from the front with no duct hook up to it because it pulls from the basement and everyroom up stairs has a return in it that goes down threw the wall and opens up down stairs

    height for the new unit is and issue i only have 74 3/4 from ground to duct work, my question is would i be better off getting a unit that sits on the ground and put a filter grill and register on the side of the unit and make a new transition to the duct work.

    any advice would be helpful thanks? or any pdf files on trane and american standard residential units


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    Could not find any match on indoor.
    BGWA830A=1977 29,000btu/ E.E.R. 6.9

    Most of American Standard air handlers are 43" height;I would also consider variable drive.

    13.0 S.E.E.R. System
    TWE031E13FB-Air handler-31,000 btu.
    BAYHTR1419BRK-19.20/65,500 btu.
    2A6H2030A1000A-12.0 Condenser
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    thanks for the info and the reply

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