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    Cracked heat exchanger? Change furnace now or later?

    A tech came in to assess my new furnace needs. I have a 1996 Payne. He operned up a port and took a mirror to assess if there were any heat exchanger cracks as the plenum is narrow and I have a 110 input/90 output BTU unit for a house rated at 75 BTU.

    I showed me what could be a crack - hairline semicircle in one of the indented circles in the metal.

    He said there is a risk of CO and I needed to change exchanger at apporx $$$$$ or purchase a new furnace. He said by building code he should red tag my furnace despit the fact the CO risk is low.

    Does this all make sense or am I being scammed/pushed into an upgrade?

    I personally want to capture expiring fed rebates but my wife says why change out a good furnace esp since we are likely to move its location next year when we create a finished basement. This requires relocating furnace to a corner and redoing the ancient duct work w homemade sections.

    I lean to switch out furnace now and move it later. Rebates today amount to $$$$$ and will be be half that (a given) or zero next year if province (state) decides to drop their rebate.
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