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    Riello burner from Oil to Gas

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum and a home owner. Found this forum as I was searching for information about converting my burner to natural gas versus oil.

    - Currently my house has both oil and natural gas. The main heat system is oil. It used to be natural gas years ago. But with price of oil skyrocketing and the inconveniece of having to keep tab of the oil levels in the tank, I would like to change the riello burner that is currently attached to my burnham burner and put a gas one.

    - Everything else in my house i.e hot water heater, cooking stove and fireplace is natural gas.

    - Several pros in the trade told me that its impossible but some told me that it's a easy as changing the riello to a gas version. So I went to Riello's website and found some good info but no pricing etc.


    - Could some pros on here tell me for sure if this can be changed?
    - Currently I have a Riello 40-series oil burner attached to my boiler. Could this be switched to a 40-series Natural Gas version? The piping is still there for the old gas boiler.
    - How much does the part itself cost?
    - Efficiencywise, which one burn better? I heard oil has higher burning temps. But in terms of economy or even BTU' which burner is better?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    might be time to get a high efficent boiler that runs on natural gas

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    Back in the seventies gas conversion burners were quite normal,but the differance between gas and oil was huge back then.
    No doubt that gas and oil will continue to go up.
    If you were to just change the burner then you must have someone that absolutely knows what he is doing.It is not especially difficult but you do have to know a lot in order to do it right.
    That being sdaid ,I would tell you that you have a boiler designed for oil and bdoing gas will not bring you the effiency that you are looking for.
    I highly reccomend that you get a new high effiency gas boiler in order to get any kind of pay back on the transaction.
    The first thing I would tell you is that boilers tend to be oversized so you should find out what size boiler you need.You can't have any off the street heating guy come in,you MUST find one that is well experienced in boilers.
    A good boiler sized correctly and installed correctly and you will probably start putting savings in your pocket instead of your utilities in 6-7 years.

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    The boiler is a Burnham KV-84 low pressure boiler.

    What type of Riello natural gas burner should i get for it?

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