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    My knowledge of air conditions - zilch.

    My question is regarding outdoor home a/c. Model: SoftSound™ 1000+ Series
    (website url:

    What I would like to know:

    When not in use during the winter months (I live in Canada), is it:
    a) advisable to turn off the breaker at the main power panel to the a/c (and cut the power to the unit)
    b) leave the breaker on during the winter months?

    What are the consequences if the power is off during the winter months?

    Thanks for your time.

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    If it has a crank case heater leave the juice on. For that mater leave it on anyway, turning off the breakers won't save you any money, and if you happen to have a crank case heater it could cause damage to the compressor when you start it up for the first time of the cooling season.

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