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    Newbie Tech from BC

    Hi - Great forum! lots of knowledge on all fronts. Neat bunch of individuals you have here!

    I took an electronics technologist course looking to get into the Tele-communications industry. Approximately half way through my electronics course, the local phone company decided to downsize and put on a hiring freeze while encouraging employees close to retirement to retire early with a cash incentive.

    I ended up becoming a security technician installing/servicing CCTV camera and access controls system for banks and office buildings. The only thing I knew about building controls is that the building "static pressure" prevented some of my doors from securing properly at times. I eventually got hired by one of the big control companies for the security division. I tried on a few occasions to get transferred to the controls side but managers hated to trade "experienced" technicians for "inexperienced" ones.

    I eventually moved to a smaller town where they had a controls division but no security. I eventually got a call asking if I was interested in joining the controls side. I really had no idea what type of career I was getting myself into - but loved new challenges. Been doing controls for just over 3 years and feel like I have just scratched the surface of the industry. Looking forward to expanding/sharing some knowledge.

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    Hello, welcome to the board.

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