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Thread: ICP Heat Pump

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    Hey Res-techs,
    Don't post here much. but thought you guys and girls could help out....I looked at a serious botch job of a heat pump install recently, on an Arcoaire (ICP) Model number EBX3600A Serial number A042674132. I won't even get into the install it is so bad, leaks everywhere and they didn't even decide to hook up the drain. Oh well, anyway, this thing is mounted for down flow and I read in the IM that for downflow configuration you need a a field conversion kit for the evap and an accessory base kit. Do any of you guys (or gals) know what they are refering to? I haven't had a second during the day to call the factory and,as like all of us, have been busy as heck. Any insight would be great. Thanks.


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    the downflow kits are needed to give you a 1" clearance from the floor--they are available through any ICP distributor.........

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