I had the following unit installed in my 1000sq ft brick home
Carrier 38TRA024 (2ton / 12 seer)
Carrier Carrier 58STA070 (gas burning furnace)

This will be short... The system is in a 1000 sq ft home in Virginia. We had a 85-90 degree day today. The system was set to 72 around 9am.... here is the problem.. the system ran a total of 6 consecutive hours!!! and couldn`t get the house to 72 degrees. The air coming out of the vent was slightly cool, but when I went to a neighbor`s home and felt the air coming through thier vents it was definatly cooler.

Earlier this month I ran the unit on a low 80s day and the system still took hours to get the temp to 72

Could they of not put enough refridgerant in the system? Don`t these systems come pre-charged with refridgerant? Do tech need to add to what is there? Have I damaged the compressor allowing it to run 6 hours continuously?? ... all I know is that this ain`t right and I will be calling the guy who performed the install tomorrow AM.

Your thoughts please..

thanks Ethan

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