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    I have seen the 1/4" liquid supply to the purge cooling coil stopped up on the last 2 machines i have worked on.This been a problem with anyone else,or am i the only one that thinks the valve is located to low on the condenser.I mean any trash that drops down here is going in the purge liquid supply,but not through the restrictor.

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    No but we had one without a restrictor didn't work to well .
    Some one fell asleep in San Antonio I guess
    is this really happening or not

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    on the old york units this line was down by the orifice cover which was prone totrash the hew units are feeding up on the liquid feed to the oil cooler on the old units we woud put a1/4 inch dryer like the one that is on foul gas line that feeds purge we cut itin at the bottom of line as it leaves the orifice chamber we change it every year at winter work we just order a extra dryer from parts with our pm kit 008 alot of people ive seen forget about that orifice it is very important topurge efficiency

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