My new house (built in 1997) has a Goodman HVAC unit. Gas Furnace with of course AC unit outside. I have been in the house for only a month and the unit has failed twice. The control panel in the furnace has been replaced twice. I had another tech come out to give me a second opinion and was told that my supply ductwork was wat to small for my unit. He suggested replacing the Goodman with a smaller unit for the 1st floor only and installing a heat pump in the attic for the 2nd floor. 12K is too much for me to spend as the system seems to cool just fine. I have not had a chace to experience the heat yet. The tech said he would not even replace my system without addressing the duct size issue because the system would fail due to over heating. He also said that since the air moves so fast past the coil that the system will not dehumidify properly. I want to replace the whole unit soon just to start fresh. Should I get another opinion or is duct work that is to small really a show stopper.