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    I have a 2.5 ton trane heat pump and was wondering how cold should the air be. Are there standards for the air temperature when the system is running on hot days. The outside temp is about 80 degrees and the system seems to run all the time to keep the space cool. I think the system is sized correctly for the square footage of the house and the house is well insulated. Any suggestions or ideas????


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    The air should be around 20 degrees colder than your inside temperature. That doesn't change a whole lot based on the outside temp. Though if it's too cold then the AC doesn't work right. If it's 80 degrees in the house then the supply air should be around 60 degrees. The more humid it is, the smaller that number. The lower the airflow your system has the higher the number. Much above 20 is very common but often indicative of low airflow. Much below 20 could mean very high humidity, very high airflow or low refrigerant charge - among other things. In other words, trying to determine if your AC is working right by just the temperature drop isn't a good idea. Although... If your temperature drop is only ten degrees then it's kind of obvious.

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