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Thread: Con Job Delux

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    Con Job Delux

    The price you pay for elections.

    Does everyone remember this ?

    Its no secret that the 527's start up money came from Seros and union support.

    With the shut down of BP disaster 13% of deep water drilling went to Brazil.

    Now who would benefit from this,the big O of course.

    He gives taxpayer money to Brazil for their emerging markets and the shift of industrialization outside this country.

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    Now everyone was looking stage right,they forgot to look stage left.

    Banks and oil for the Big O. No different than Bush.

    And the MSM refuses to report this.

    Yep,America keep watching dancing with the stars........

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    We're lending money to Petrobas, what do we have to lend? Where is that coming from? Guess it's OK to drill, just not in my back yard, huh? All the while, adding more to the unemployed by blocking our drilling.

    Yep, Obummer has our best interests at heart. Just that we don't know what our own best interests are...

    Oh, we the sheeple... How can this man possibly even run for another term?

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    Couple of thoughts here:

    The depth of the ocean floor in this new find off Brazil ranges from 1/2 again to twice the depth of the area of the spill last Spring. Literally NOBODY in the world knows how to do this (yet). Having said this: The USA deep water contractors know more than anyone else in the world about it... Maybe we are doing our "OJT" in a location where we do not have to deal with the consequences.

    Another thought: Would we rather Russia or China be the lead contractor down there?

    Third thought: A sluggish economy in the USA is not good... however it tends to send the 'migrant labor' to greener pastures... What I am saying is folks that came to the USA looking for work... will go elsewhere. The way I see this; it means less entitlement payments, less competition for jobs, and less using up existing human resources (things that serve humans... like medical stuff, housing, etc).

    While I do not like BHO anymore than most others... I think this move will in the long run benefit the USA. After the deepwater technology is developed, tested, and tweaked... we can drill the h*ll out of the Gulf of Mexico.

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    I don't think that we know, just because we are going to be loaning money, that a US Company/Contractor will be lead on this venture. Maybe I missed something here but Petrobas isn't a US Company. If you've read more on that aspect of it, please share. I would be very intersted to learn more.

    Maybe it will help tweak the technology as you say, but I don't see this helping with our unemployement or doing anything to curb entitlement payments in the US. Those getting entitlements in the US aren't going to likely leave to go to greener pastures to work, at least in my opinion, when thay can stay here and get it free.

    The whole thing seems very hypocritical to me. But I guess that's just government.

    We're loaning money at the same time we're borrowing money on a 14T + deficit and helping them drill baby drill why we block our own. Maybe its just too complicated for this simple mind..

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    I've known about that deception for quite sometime now.

    Now with the problems in Wisconsin concerning the Koch Brothers so called political funding of Walkers election which by the way was only .006 the total amount collected for his campaign.

    The point being that if teachers who give their dues to the unions should at least have the education now how to where their money is helping contribute to the destruction of this country.

    It is a pity how the press has turned their back on America when this story is bigger than Iran Contra and Haliburton and is just a continuation of the same old political 2 party control.

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    once the middle and lower class folks like us all learn whats going on, it will be too late. The rich folks of this country are raping and pillaging right under our noses, but bringing to battle causes that ultimately mean nothing in the grand scheme, merely to cause distraction. The news media is part of the deception.

    The drive is the literally even the playing field globally, so that they can drive down wages here, while creating demand elsewhere. there are literally billions of people who can be raised up to spend more on goods and services by doing this, while only a few hundred million suffer here at home. The biggest problem is that we live such a high qulaity of life as compared to most of the rest of the world, no one one cares..

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