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    Our company and fireplaces

    Our company works on firplaces and install them. But here is the kicker. The people who use to work there as the techs and installers did. Now it is only me and one other guy as the techs and were both not that hipped on fireplaces and have very little experience with them. We both told our boss that we have little knowledge on fireplaces but he still hasn't scheduled us training and stil sending us both out on fireplaces call. Luckily so far it all has been easy but it sill bothrs me that we are not trained on these.

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    Hell...I felt like that when I was thrown on a truck with nothing but a two year HVAC certificate and less than two weeks as an installer helper and PM person. You will learn quickly.

    The other week I was on a call when the fireplace guy showed up. The lady said she scheduled everyone she could on her day off before the holiday. The gas cock to the fireplace was shut off in the basement....I would have turned it for nothing if she would have just told me.

    I hear you, though...I still walk into situations here and there where I have zero specific training for the equipment at hand.

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    You can start with getting NFI Certified in gas, wood and pellet fuel categories. Just get the manuals for now and study for a few months before taking the exams. Go to

    Also, talk to the local stove shops that sell the major brands you encounter the most. See what service manuals and materials they have to let you copy or borrow. See if they can sign you up for the next mfrs. training. You will also need to talk to them about supplying parts. If you can, attend the HPBA's EXPO where you can get tons of training and meet with mfrs. and engineers on specific products and establish industry sources of supply. Go to


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