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    Red face SERVICE ! !!

    Originally posted by monicap
    The contractor that I am getting my Trane heat pump through did not offer the Aprilair products so it may not be an option for me unfortunately.
    Go on to the Next Dealer
    if he does not meet YOUR Requessts !

    AprilAire = VERY, VERY Common
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    The price should be very similar between the Honeywell and the Aprilaire media filters, but the Aprilaire is a superior product by far.

    Another option that I'm suprised your dealer didn't offer is the Trane Perfect Fit air cleaner.
    The nice thing about them is that the filter base is the exact same deminsions as the bottom of the air handler.
    It can come with an expanded media filter or with a 5" thick pleated filter. Most people only have to change the filter in it once a year, but they have less surface area than the Aprilaire, so they can get dirty faster.
    We mainly use the Perfect Fit on upflow installations where the air handler or furnace has to sit on the filter base. For horizontal applications, I prefere the Aprilaire.

    The only drawback to them is that Trane is the only real source for replacement filters, so you are at the mercy of your dealers markups when it comes to the price. does sell exact Trane replacement filters for around $100 for a box of 2, including shipping, or they have an aftermarket replacement for around $30-$40 each delivered.

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    I also have had the Airscreen 1000 recommended by two Armstrong dealers. Both said the same thing about the less expensive replacement filters.

    Most everything I've heard in general about the electric air cleaners are they are not worth the money and the way to go is with the thick media filters. Is this true or is this Airscreen 1000 a better filter?

    Do I go with this recommended Airscreen 1000 or a media filter?


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    I went with a media filter. I'd stay away from the Airscreen.


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