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    The systems keeping the house comfortable and dry but the Copeland Scroll quietest most vibration free compressor ever is making a heck of a loud Humming that vibrates thru the wall of my bedroom. It cant be normal. Its louder inside than satnding beside the compressor.

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    Hmm RUN ning Time

    Originally posted by mikeinva
    I assume its normal not to run long when the thermo is set on 72 and its high 60's outside in the morning??
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    Todays tech says liquid line 3/8 instead of 1/4 wouldnt cause compressor noise. Says slight kink in vapor line wouldnt cause compressor noise. Says .002 differnce in orifice size wouldnt cause compressor noise.

    Says this type system not that sensitive. Says its just a BAD compressor.

    Im beginning to believe there are more wanna be techs than there are good techs.

    Im almost ready to have installer install new line set, new orifice, new filter dryer and a new condenser unit.

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    System Performance Update

    Here in Chesapeake Va today high 87 degrees. Currently 86 degrees and 63 RH.


    Thermostat set at 72 and inside RH is 38

    Register temp at closest to airhandler 57 degrees

    Register temp farthest from air handler 60 degrees

    Attic Airhandler return air intake plenum 72 degrees

    Attic Airhandler 12 foot supply plenum 4 feet from airhandler 55 degrees

    Attic temp is 90

    Scroll Compressor still seems noisy inside the house but normal outside??

    Laser thermometer temp of compressor top near liquid line is 175 degrees. Sides and rest of compressor is relatively cool.

    Opinions other than go to the Beach

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