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    Hi, we have just bought our first house and have a question. The house is six years old and we are in NY state.
    We have a Heil DC90 furnace, with humidifier attachment but no A/C.
    The thermostat is a Maple/Chase 09600, electronic, heat/cool. There is a separate humidity controller.

    We were looking into wiring up the fan only option (thermostat manual shows wiring diagram for it, wire running from there to furnace is three core, furnace has a connector for it) but at the moment only the red and white wires are used, the green is wound around the wire and not connected. Is this because of the humdifier?
    Any ideas why this is not connected and is it safe (and a good idea) for us to connect it?

    Many thanks in advance for any info.

    ps did a search but do not think I am good at them as I rarely find the info I need.

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    Shut the power off at the furnace, connect the green wire to G and both the stat and the furnace control and you'll have a blower when in the on position.

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    I was thinking that would work, but wondering why they didn't do it during the installation, seems such an easy way to make the system more functional!

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